Reconcile – Bruno Bernal | Jake Bass – Gods Of Men

‘Gods Of Men’ show you that the best thing about an argument is the making up. Two great looking young pups, covered in tattoos, had an argument the night before. They have woken up still not talking, but both want to make things better. They play the game of ‘who will break first?’ Five feet four inches tall Bruno Bernal makes out he is interested in reading the newspaper. His cheeky partner knows Jake Bass real name, and pours himself a drink but can’t hold back any longer. He takes a gentle hold of the paper and pulls it down and looks lovingly into Bruno’s brown puppy-dog eyes. They get up slowly and go around to the end of the table where they kiss each other on the lips.

Bruno Bernal is a pint sized god with a fantastic ass that you just want to taste at the end of your tongue. He is versatile with a seven inch cut dick. He has a great body which he loves to work on when he works out in the gym. He has only been seen in one other xl gay tube flick before and that is ‘The Law Of Men Part 2’ where he gets his ass well and truly drilled by Mason Star. He may be smaller than most models but, by the looks of it, he will make it to great heights.

Jake Bass is a true romantic and has flowers and birds tattooed on his firm white skin. He is a versatile top with a seven inch cock with plenty of meaty foreskin. He has black hair and cat-like green eyes. His other two movies to date are ‘Forbidden Part 4’ with Allen King getting bent over as Jake grinds his dick inside his tight young crack, and ‘ gay porn videos’ Part 3 with Gabriel Cross bent over a motorbike.
As Bruno Bernal and Jake Bass kiss passionately, their hands begin to wander over the other one’s firm young bodies.

They strip off their clothes until they are standing naked with each other in the kitchen. Jake wants Bruno to know how sorry he is. He goes down and takes his hard dick straight into his mouth and to the back of his throat. Bruno forgives him very quickly as he feel Jake’s warm breath and searching tongue all over his throbbing dick. He then goes down on Jake’s cock and licks and sucks his balls so that they drip with his spit.

The action heats up and Bruno bends over the kitchen table, Jake rolls on a condom and pushes his dick all the way into Bruno’s sexy asshole. Jake can hardly contain his excitement as he feels the muscles in Bruno’s ass clamp down like a vice all around his dick. Bruno lifts one leg up and we get a fantastic view of his ass being fucked relentlessly by Jake.
They change position a couple of times including Jake sitting on a chair with Bruno Bernal riding him like an over excited cowboy. Jake then lies down on the table with Bruno once again bobbing up and down on Jake’s hard dick.
Standing up, Jake Bass then holds back Bruno’s head as he kneels at his feet. He pumps his dick up and down and sprays loads of sizzling hot cum all over Bruno’s face, and muscular tattooed chest. Jake then kisses Bruno’s ravished body as Bruno finishes himself off by spurting over jakes shoulder and chest, a great free gay movies men scene watching that cum trickle down his tight firm skin.

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