jake bass bioJack Bass was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1989. His father was a branch manager for a major bank, and his mother is a housekeeper. He has two brothers, one elder and one younger.

Throughout childhood, Jack was known for being a crowd pleaser. He often enjoyed acting in school plays and this passion extended into high school, where he took his place in the limelight in lead musical roles. He was nominated for a Gene Kelly Award for Excellence in High School Theater for his role as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables. He graduated with honors in 2006.

Even though he was a talented and successful student in high school, he often found himself stigmatized and bullied due to his sexual preferences, which he openly expressed. To counter this and provide an outlet to his similarly treated peers, he formed an LGBT acceptance group and helped to bring LGBT social issues to the table in his school and neighborhood. He was blessed to have the full support of his family in this matter. His interest in social justice and acceptance extended into college life.

He went to Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences and applied for a BA in psychology. In Dietrich, he continued his advocacy for LGBT rights, and found a thriving community who were willing to support the furthering of his cause. While he spent his week studying and contributing to his group, he spent his weekends at parties. During his stay on campus, Jack discovered his natural aptitude and ability to please his male classmates during dorm parties and later, by personal invitation, and quickly became known in social circles as the man to call for advice on sexual technique and safety.

Word began to spread, and one day, Jack received a call from a recruitment agency for up-and-coming porn actors. His friends enthusiastically encouraged him and, taking the plunge, he accepted the offer. His ability to work the camera and his openness to playing any role in any film grabbed the attention of the directors, and he found himself on his way to a full-time job as a porn-star. In the face of this grand opportunity, he did not enroll for another semester at Dietrich.

Jack’s attention to detail and pride in his work was obvious, and he was given more and more influential roles, working with better known actors and shooting higher quality and more daring scenes. He expanded his portfolio in all directions: taking roles as top and bottom, recording fetish work such as BDSM (with a preference for sub), twink, group porn, college porn, and deepthroating.

Aside from starring in high quality porn, Jack Bass loves to kayak, pose nude for creative art students, model for local fashion designers, and advocate for disadvantaged LGBT youth in schools across Pennsylvania. He also spreads the word about sex-positivity and sexual health, and seeks school reform of policy for teaching sexual health courses. He lives downtown with two cats and his fiancé, who works as a chef for a high-end fusion cuisine restaurant.