Reconcile – Bruno Bernal | Jake Bass – Gods Of Men

‘Gods Of Men’ show you that the best thing about an argument is the making up. Two great looking young pups, covered in tattoos, had an argument the night before. They have woken up still not talking, but both want to make things better. They play the game of ‘who will break first?’ Five feet four inches tall Bruno Bernal makes out he is interested in reading the newspaper. His cheeky partner knows Jake Bass real name, and pours himself a drink but can’t hold back any longer. He takes a gentle hold of the paper and pulls it down and looks lovingly into Bruno’s brown puppy-dog eyes. They get up slowly and go around to the end of the table where they kiss each other on the lips.

Bruno Bernal is a pint sized god with a fantastic ass that you just want to taste at the end of your tongue. He is versatile with a seven inch cut dick. He has a great body which he loves to work on when he works out in the gym. He has only been seen in one other xl gay tube flick before and that is ‘The Law Of Men Part 2’ where he gets his ass well and truly drilled by Mason Star. He may be smaller than most models but, by the looks of it, he will make it to great heights.

Jake Bass is a true romantic and has flowers and birds tattooed on his firm white skin. He is a versatile top with a seven inch cock with plenty of meaty foreskin. He has black hair and cat-like green eyes. His other two movies to date are ‘Forbidden Part 4’ with Allen King getting bent over as Jake grinds his dick inside his tight young crack, and ‘ gay porn videos’ Part 3 with Gabriel Cross bent over a motorbike.
As Bruno Bernal and Jake Bass kiss passionately, their hands begin to wander over the other one’s firm young bodies.

They strip off their clothes until they are standing naked with each other in the kitchen. Jake wants Bruno to know how sorry he is. He goes down and takes his hard dick straight into his mouth and to the back of his throat. Bruno forgives him very quickly as he feel Jake’s warm breath and searching tongue all over his throbbing dick. He then goes down on Jake’s cock and licks and sucks his balls so that they drip with his spit.

The action heats up and Bruno bends over the kitchen table, Jake rolls on a condom and pushes his dick all the way into Bruno’s sexy asshole. Jake can hardly contain his excitement as he feels the muscles in Bruno’s ass clamp down like a vice all around his dick. Bruno lifts one leg up and we get a fantastic view of his ass being fucked relentlessly by Jake.
They change position a couple of times including Jake sitting on a chair with Bruno Bernal riding him like an over excited cowboy. Jake then lies down on the table with Bruno once again bobbing up and down on Jake’s hard dick.
Standing up, Jake Bass then holds back Bruno’s head as he kneels at his feet. He pumps his dick up and down and sprays loads of sizzling hot cum all over Bruno’s face, and muscular tattooed chest. Jake then kisses Bruno’s ravished body as Bruno finishes himself off by spurting over jakes shoulder and chest, a great free gay movies men scene watching that cum trickle down his tight firm skin.

Gay Pornstar Jake Bass

‘Str8 To Gay’ know the time is right to show you the fourth episode of ‘Not Brothers Yet.’ Soon to be step brothers, one gay, one straight, Jake Bass – – and Jack Radley are the stars. This is an awesome hardcore fantasy series: what would you do if fancied your mother’s soon to be step son? Would you say anything to him even though you know he’s straight? Would you try to touch him? Or would you simply just jerk off in the bathroom of the thought of his big straight cock stuck deep up your tight gay asshole? Or just pretend for now that your soon-to-be step brother in law is going to be Jake Bass or Jack Ridley.
jake bass
Jake Bass is new to, but not new to the porn scene. He is a good looking versatile man and in great demand everywhere he goes, on screen and off. He loves to play sports and work out, which is obvious when you see how toned his tattooed body really is. Jake is five foot seven inch tall, has a six and a half uncut cock and a muscular firm ass you just want to smack and fuck. He has short black hair, seductive green eyes and weighs 150 pounds.
Jack Radley looks cute and fresh with a sort of ‘first year at college’ look about him. He is a versatile bottom and likes nothing more than a hard cock drilling his cute butt hard and fast. Jack is five foot eleven inches tall and has a lovely eight inch cut dick. He has brown hair, soft Hazel eyes and weighs 152 pounds. He has been in seven flicks with and in his first one, ‘Dirty Magazines’, we can see him getting his sweet ass fucked by Colby Jansen.

Men Of Anarchy Part 3

Have you been following ‘Men of Anarchy’ the series over at Drill My Hole? It’s not your average porn movie series, it’s not even your average porn site. DMH has a reputation for producing high quality, HD movies that kind of knock most others into a cocked that, as they say. It’s part of the network and they put out a new scene every day of the year, with no exceptions. There are already a few thousands exclusive movies there to start with and then members get a new 20 or 25 minute scene each day. To keep thing fresh they invent series of movies, and also have standalone ones of course, and that’s why they come up with great stuff like ‘Men of Anarchy.’

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I won’t go back over the plot for you, you can do that yourself and the best way to do it is to go to the site and sign in, then start from part one. But basically it’s all about gang warfare and groups of tough guys taking revenge on each other with gun running and kidnapping and fights. It’s filmed in the UK and has Paddy O’Brian as its lead man. But also involved are some new and youthful twink guys by the names of Gabriel Cross and Jake Bass. We have seen Gabriel Cross before, in part one of the series where he got topped by Paddy O’Brian, but we’ve not met the tattooed, five foot seven, green eyed, black haired Jake Bass before. Gabriel Cross is a bottom (I really want to say ‘hot cross buns’ for some reason) and Jake Bass tells us he is a versatile bottom, so I’m really looking forward to this scene.

It starts with a gang meeting, some roaring motorbikes, guys in leather, and our two new stars Jake Bass (American) and Gabriel Cross (British) turning up on their bikes – kind of reminds me of ‘The Leather Boys’, which is a compliment indeed. But then there’s a twist, then there’s another twist and you almost forget you’re watching a porn movie… But in true Drill My Hole style, the build-ups are good, logical and well played out and they are also not too lengthy; the real action stars around three minutes in when we find Gabriel Cross and Jake Bass left alone together. They’ve got the hots for each other, there is chemistry there and they are both dressed, for the moment, in leathers. It’s all pretty hot and starts to get hotter as the guys start to kiss.

And then they start to suck and there’s this totally horny sight of Gabriel on his knees blowing Jake’s uncut cock and sucking his tight nuts. Both boys are rock hard as Jake then goes down on Gabriel’s cut cock and the bottom guy gets naked. He’s ready for his mate’s stiff cock and it’s not long before the dark haired new-guy is taking advantage of Gabriel’s smooth, bubble butt ass. The fuck scene starts around 12 minutes in leaving us plenty of time to see it play out. These young bucks can fuck for hours it seems, and there’s no let up as Jake Bass fucks Gabriel Cross over a Harley Davidson, pausing only every now and then for some more twink cock sucking and to change their positions.

In the end, Jake gets Gabriel on his back, the young guys constantly talking to each other between their gasps of ecstasy as the ass-pounding speeds up, Gabriel jerks on his cock and the guys finally shoot their loads. You can tell how into each other Gabriel Cross and Jake Bass are by the way the collapse onto each other, exhausted, at the end of the scene. But then it’s not actually quite the end of the scene… Stand by for part four.

Forbidden Part 4

There’s a great and unusual start to this mysterious hardcore porn movie from Men of UK. It kicks off with pretty new stud, Jake Bass, who has been spying on a good looking man who claims he is a priest. (We know exactly who it is and what he is up to and so will you if you’ve seen the other movies in this series.) Jake has been spying on this ‘priest’ and doesn’t trust him one bit. Jake Bass is a newcomer to the adult scene with only two movies under his belt, but with his good looks, a seven inch uncut cock, and tattoos, he will go far; he is, after all, a more than willing versatile top. Jake is dressed up in church choir uniform, a great fetish for many I would have thought, especially with his startling green eyes and black hair, and he looks every inch a very sexy innocent young man. He goes into the confessional box and speaks to the so called priest. He asks him lots of questions trying to catch the priest out. The priest agrees to meet up with him a bit later.

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Jake quickly phones up his best friend, who is also dressed up in the same outfit to begin with, and comes to meet him straight away. His friend is Allen King who is pint sizes at only five foot five, but more than cute, and with a cock at seven point eight inches, you wouldn’t kick him out of bed. He has stared in five movies for so far, which includes ‘P.O.W’ 1, and 4, and also ‘Role play.’ He is a versatile young man, and always ready with his big hard young cock.

Alan King sits down next to Jake Bass, looks at him with his brown puppy dog eyes, and smiles. Jake, who is slightly worried about meeting the mysterious priest, tells him that he feels safe with him. Their hands begin to stroke the top of their jean-covered thighs as their lips meet, and they kiss each other lovingly, and passionately. Alan sits on Jake’s lap, they peel each other’s t-shirts from their young firm bodies, showing off their tattoos. Their lips smack against one another as they carry on kissing and caressing their bodies. Alan King looks amazingly horny as his jeans drop around his ankles, and he spreads his legs open as Jake Bess bends over and takes his large cock into his wet mouth. These two really look as if they are in love with each other as they take their time sucking, and stroking on their solid cocks.
Things really heat up when Jake gets on all fours and Alan spreads his butt cheeks wide open so he can get his tongue deep into his tight crack. It’s almost too much for Alan, and he quickly puts them both into the sixty nine position and licks Alan’s sweet tasting ass hole whilst he gets his cock all wet as Alan lovingly sucks it up and down.
This next bit is my favorite of the movie I have to admit. Young Alan King, with his firm young body, gets on his hands and knees, and we get to see Jack Bass slide his condom covered cock as deep as he can possibly go into the guy’s soaking wet ass hole. You can hear Alan hold his breath for a second, and the look on his face as Jake Bass begins to slide in and out of him looks so hot, you know he is more than enjoying himself.
They change positions a couple of times before Alan King sits on top of Jake Bass’ cock and bounces up and down on him until he shoots his load all over Jake’s smooth stomach. Jake can’t take anymore so he whips his condom off, and before we know it, he is cuming so fast he actually manages to shoot himself in the face. A great cum feast all over his smooth tattooed body really needs to be seen. Go take a look.

Jake Bass Pounds Mason Star

I performed not know just exactly what to anticipate whenever it came time to shooting Jake Bass’s and Mason Star’s arena. The two CockyBoys have actually larger personalities. Jake is a firecracker, and whenever he enters an area it’s like a hurricane has struck. Mason, on the other side hand, is a little more nicely toned down, but nevertheless firmly opinionated and razor-razor-sharp in their reactions. They’d already been dangling over for a couple of times, but we also saw a little bit of a “frenemy” connection between those two. Occasionally i performed not know whether or not these people had been interested in playful banter or getting absolutely agressive with each other. Effectively, turns through that when it comes down to a good fucking, they’re a fantastic match for one another. Jake and Mason were only holding out in the restroom, and after Mason moved in for a hug, the intimate electricity that followed ended up being important. Most of an abrupt, Jake couldn’t wait to get his lips around Mason’s 9 inches. At some point, they moved to the bedroom and started playing with a couple fleshjacks, subsequently started double-fucking the exact same fleshjack! By that point, Jake ended up being therefore ready to get their dick in Mason’s gap. Jake ravaged Mason’s hole, and becoming Jake’s first time fucking a guy on CockyBoys, we became so switched on by how Jake switched into a screwing pet. I’m certain following this scene, Jake and Mason’s connection won’t ever end up being the same.